huGO CHECKOUT: sell digital products

Dr. Guido Korff e-Paper, Featured, huGO

Sternwald’s huGO production systems have long been used successfully by many publishing houses. huGO has also recently helped to monetize the results: huGO Checkout takes over the online distribution of your digital products.

huGO Checkout registers new customers and manages the accounts of the existing ones, regardless of whether they buy single issues irregularly or have just taken out a subscription. The convenient purchase procedure, with numerous payment methods to choose from, leads to the swift provision of the purchased product variant. Our new payment center not only sells single issues, but also manages subscriptions.

Customers from the publishing sector profit from the full-service concept of the new product: huGO Checkout is conceived as a cloud solution that does not require a server landscape. On request, Sternwald would take over the operation, support, and the complete billing.