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Digital publishing has no editorial deadlines. The immediacy of the “news” is not restricted by office hours.

The e-paper as an electronic version of the daily newspaper can only be a beginning.

Its form of presentation still meets today’s desire for mobile media consumption, where large newspaper pages simply get in the way on the subway. The “frozen” state of information with its production deadline makes the e-paper a “finite”, that is a limited product, which is actually already outdated within moments of its release.

The internet however, promises a constant flow of real-time information. “Infinite products” are those that are never “finished”, but rather are continually updated. This poses new challenges for your editorial team, which can only be mastered through mobile solutions.

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huGO+Media production with more possibilities

huGO+ was explicitly developed for the professional planning, production and distribution of high-quality publications.


Easy collecting, researching and viewing of content


Faster availability of assets and important information


Digital topic-planning for linking topics with contents


Good ideas do not simply come around – you have to purposefully search for them and promote them. We accompany our customers all the way from the initial idea to the finished publication in a structured, yet highly flexible process.

Sternwald has the tools and techniques (e.g. design thinking, agile software development and lifecycle management) to generate innovative ideas and to implement them sustainably.

Sternwald is a digital business development company. We help our customers to face the challenge of monetizing their publishing houses’ diverse digital asset portfolios.
How can you use this to generate income in the world of digital media?

huGO+ is a digital asset management system that provides you with the possibility to store and manage all your valuable content, regardless whether it is text, audio or visually based. The system can then easily automatically generate a variety of digital publications and assess their selling performance against your customers and editors.

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